Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Yes! Movement!

After my confronting personal finance investigation, leaving me with a spedings which kind of makes my stomach go a little shaky for the least, I felt the urge of movement. Some of my biggest expences where rent and my car. Especially travelling to and from work kind of kick in, as you could see. Problem is, where I lived (in Dordrecht) there was no way I could get to work in time using public tranportation. By bike wasn't an option eather with times up to 1,5 hour single trip.

This got me looking for a place closer to work, but I didn't want to spend more on rent. Well, that made things a bit more difficult since rents in Rotterdam are 750 and upwards (more 1000 and upwards if you don't want to rent a place you never ever want to be). Excluding utilities, that is.